Aloha to all,

The quality of life in Hawaii is second to none. Where else in the world where you can freely hike beautiful lush mountains, frolic in a waterfall, hit the ocean for a quick swim or surf, all within a 7 mile distance. With very few bugs or other of the mainland's natural pests. (think snakes, bears)

Yes, one must work hard & smart to live here. So be sure you take the time to enjoy why you live here. Otherwise, what's the purpose of living on the fabulous Island?

It's really about your health, I realized when I was 11 years old. Living here for two years while my father was stationed at Pearl Harbor, even at such a young age, I could see the health benefits of clean air, clean ocean water & clean drinking water. It's not exactly perfect anymore but still, this is the "Most Friendly (and healthy) Environment" on the planet.

Enjoy & stay Healthy