Oahu, in particular, has much to offer. Clean, cool trade wind air coming across the Koolau Mountain range is excellent for one's health. The ocean is generally very clean as the ocean currents and tides keep any run-offs and man made pollution dispersed quickly. The relaxed pace here is good for the body and mind.

Hiking, golfing, most all water sports, and soaking up the glorious rays of the sun are just some of the lucky visitors and residents' favorite past times.

Hawaii Time Zone (HST) is very conducive to conducting business between America's East Coast and Asian countries. With today's technology, one can operate a business from here in the beautiful tropics that is based almost anywhere in the world. How awesome!

Now for the negatives... 

Oahu can be a very busy Island. If you're fortunate not to have to commute during peak rush hour time, traffic is not bad at all. Most drivers are very courteous. Almost too much, when they just stop in the road to let someone pull out of their driveway. As long as you wave a "shaka" and don't honk your horn, you'll do just fine. We're experiencing year after year of increased tourism which fuels our economy but can clog up some of the more popular beaches and towns. Going to the North Shore? Time your just trip right or be prepared to sit in traffic for over a hour. 

Cost of living? Extremely high. It's all about "Supply and Demand". And being on one of the most isolated land masses in the world. Hawaii's attributes make it a desirable international destination for many well to do individuals. As the old saying goes "Keep Hawaii Green....Bring all your Money!"

Homelessness. The high cost of living and the low standard wage for many workers can be too much. Plus, why not come to Hawaii and live where you won't freeze in the Winter or roast in the Summer? It's an unfortunate problem that the local politicians are afraid to solve.

There you have it in a nutshell from a long time Kama'aina resident. (not born and raised)

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