Staying in Hawaii? Have a good, steady job? Don't want to move at a Landlord's whim? Can't stand the ups and downs of the stock market? Love Hawaii?? Then, it's a no brainer to buy Hawaii Real Estate!! Don't Wait!! It's still not too late!! You haven't missed the boat. It's an excellent time to be a Buyer in Hawaii. 

INTEREST RATES HAVE GONE UP VERY SLIGHTLY BUT ARE STILL INCREDIBLY LOW!! THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY!! Certain inventory is selling quickly with multiple offers. Ask James about his strategy in a multiple offer situation. It makes sense to have an experienced agent to work alongside of you to find, look at and negotiate a contract right away as good homes don't last on the market. This is great time to buy!! **DON'T WAIT** Interest rates are still historically low. Inventory is still low but there are some excellent buys out there right now. If you need a home to live in, this is finally your time!! Call me today to schedule a private, no obligation Buyer's Consultation. With over 31 years full time helping Buyers like yourself, I can help you focus in on what will work best for you. Ask about my 3 point analysis we can use to simplify the house hunting puzzle. INVESTORS, realize up to a 5% (and maybe more) cash on cash return on your money. Rents rarely ever go down in Hawaii!

Automatically receive personalized MLS listings by e-mail. Early each morning I will search the local MLS and find the homes that match your criteria and notify you immediately with the latest listing information!! Simply choose Dream Home Finder and fill in the requested information.

Let's discuss the best negotiating strategy for you. I have several techniques proven to, 1st, help you obtain the house you want and, 2nd, allow you to get the most favorable price & terms possible!

Ask other realtors who might want to represent you: (1) Have you experienced this type of market? Or have you only seen the recent down/flat cycle that ended early 2013? Experienced multiple offers in a rising market? (2) What kind of negotiating skills do you have that will allow me to get the property I want at the most favorable terms? (3) Do you have an established track record and solid reputation among your Realtor peers?


If you're representing a Buyer and anticipating multiple offers, what would be your best strategy to recommend to your Buyer in submitting an offer? Come in with a well written offer (should be perfect)that you expect will be acceptable (terms & price). Talk to the listing agent multiple times to determine what the Seller wants by way of closing date, escrow company, other "Seller wish list" items if they exist. Can you possibly save the Seller a few bucks on items maybe such as the survey? (if one was done in the past few years and there has been no improvements built, suggest that the Buyer accept the previously dated one). These seemingly small terms/ dollar items can sway a Seller. Also, after you present the offer & all other offers have been received (but prior to anyone of them being presented to the Seller), ask how your offer compares. If your offer is not #1, you might suggest to the Buyer that they increase their offered price by way of a counter offer form even before the Seller sees your offer. Be sure to get it to the listing agent prior to presentation time. Shows motivation and determination on the Buyers part. Competing with cash offers. This is a hard one but can be achieved. IT COST YOU NOTHING TO HAVE JAMES ON YOUR SIDE.

Go with the proven agent, James Lewis....with over 31 years of full time "Experience You Can Trust!!