Aloha fellow Real Estate Aficionados,

Open houses are a great way to see what a neighborhood looks and feels like. Although different streets in the same neighborhood can really be drastically dis-similar. Get to know the streets that fit your needs. Do you want to have your kids close to the school so they can maybe walk there? Or do you like to be close to Starbucks and shopping areas. Of course who doesn't like to be close to the beach. Do you like calmer waters? Or good surfing areas where you need skills to even go in the water.

One really productive reason to go to open houses is to meet a Realtor who can work with alongside of you as a team to achieve your goals, whether buying or selling. (or both) There nothing like a face to face meeting to see if you are comfortable with the agent's experience, local knowledge and ability to communicate with you It always helps if you like the person too of course.

Stop by one of my open houses and say "Hi, I checked out your website and wanted to see if you were for real." Those magic words will get you a $50. gift certificate at Long's drug store. *one per family

Happy Open House(ing)

James Lewis RE-14807

30+ Years of "Experience You Can Trust"