In order to be a member of the Hawaii Board of Realtors, a licensed agent (salesperson), needs to adhere to the Board's Code of Ethics and cannot have been convicted of a felony in the recent past. There are other stipulations as well. A non-board salesperson can assist with a client's buying and selling since they have a state license. Yes, they are able to submit listings to the MLS, at least here in Hawaii. I think it would be like hiring an attorney who is not a member of the bar. I am a bit suspicious when a Real Estate Company/agent is not a member of the Hawaii (HBR) and the National Board of Realtors (NAR).

A member of the Board will have a (RA) designation, Realtor Associate, after their name or would have a (S)Salesperson, after their name is he or she is not a member. 

(R)Realtor, such as myself, holds the highest designation attainable. My State license is a Broker's license. I can manage an office, review contracts for other agents in the office or have my own Company if I choose. You must have at least 2 years experience, have had a minimum number of transactions and take and pass an accreditation and State Broker's exam to achieve Broker status. A Broker who is not a member of the State and National Boards has a (B) after their name.

Why gamble with a Company or Agent who does not want to adhere to a Code of Ethics or who might have had a felony conviction?

NOTE: Some states do not differentiate between Realtors (R) and Realtor Associates (RA).